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The Seasoned Mariner Professional Career Donna's Tavern

Professional Career

I served in the United States Air Force as a Communications/Computer Operator from December 1986 to December 1990. Beginning in January of 1991, I was promoted to assistant shift supervisor. This was done even though there were others of higher rank available. During a two month span I was even promoted to acting shift supervisor, once again even though I was outranked by several individuals. Once the replacement supervisor arrived, I trained him for the position, and then went back to assistant shift supervisor until my discharge in October 1991. I also trained two replacement assistant shift supervisors that were to fill my position when I left.

I then spent 9 years as a Telecommuncations Computer Technician (military communications) and 5 Years as a Senior Computing Systems Technician (IT hardware support) at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, until new management took over the IT department and reorganized.

From February 2006 to March 2010 I worked for System Source as a Hardware Technician, placed full-time as in-house support for a global investment firm.

I then spent a long period where I was unemployed, trying unsuccessfully to earn a living running a computer maintenance company from my home.

From June 2011 to July 2012 I worked as a Field Services Technician for Prism Pointe Technologies, installing and repairing printers, and repairing laptops and desktop PCs. In July 2012, PPT became a subsidiary of Systems Maintenance Services.

In May 2017 SMS merged with Curvature, and became SMS | Curvature, and then in July 2017 the SMS was dropped so that it was just Curvature. At that time my title changed from Field Services Technician to just Technician.

I found out in September of 2018 that Curvature was doing away with their printer support division, and that we were all being layed off by the end of the year. I received an offer of employment from Hewlett Packard in October of 2018, and after rejecting their initial offer, I received, and accepted, a much more generous one. My last day with Curvature was November 9, 2018, and I started working for HP as a Field Technical Support Representative on November 12, 2018.

While I had no issues with HP as a company, there were some concerns about the management chain I reported to. When Curvature approached me in March of 2019 about returning, and offered me more than I was earning at HP, I made the decision to return to Curvature. I resigned from HP on April 5 and started back at Curvature on April 8, but now as a Field Engineer.

Due to a severe drop in service calls in my immediate coverage area due to COVID-19, Curvature could no longer continue to keep me on the payroll, and I was laid off on December 4, 2021.

I started a new job with National Imaging Systems on May 10. I'm currently working as an On Site Associate performing triage and toner replacement, but will be promoted to Customer Engineer and resume actual printer repairs when a new contract starts in September.