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Other Interests

While this page is aimed at interests other than food, I wanted to mention our favorite grocery store, Wegmans. They have very competitive prices on most items, and a huge selection. Their website allows you to peruse their inventory and create a shopping list. You can then download it to your phone using their mobile app. It sorts your items into departments and isles, based upon the store you selected, and allows you to "check" off items as you shop. It also estimates your total shopping bill, based on the items and quantities in your list.

My wife and I are members at Planet Fitness. Follow this LINK to see our workout progress.

We also frequent the Baltimore County Public Library. They have tons of movies and television series' on DVD. These are available for checkout at no cost, for periods ranging from one day to three weeks, depending on the age and type of the media.

I love football, and have been a fan of the Denver Broncos since I was five years old. They continue to be my favorite team, but I also root for the Baltimore Ravens, since they are my current home team. If the two teams are playing each other, I always stick with the Broncos, though.

Check out these links to videos for my favorite band, Apocalyptica. They started out in 1993 as a cello quartet from Finland, doing instrumental covers of Metallica songs. They currently consist of 3 cellists and a drummer, doing mostly rock-style instrumentals, and occasionally using singers from other bands for their songs that contain lyrics.

I'm Not Jesus - featuring Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour.
I Don't Care - featuring Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace.
Not Strong Enough - featuring Doug Robb of Hoobastank.
End of Me - featuring Gavin Rossdale of Bush.
Broken Pieces - featuring Lacey Sturm (nee Mosley) of Flyleaf.
S.O.S. (Anything But Love) - featuring Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.
Bittersweet - featuring Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus and Ville Valo of HIM.
Harmageddon - instrumental.
Somewhere around nothing - instrumental.
Rage of Poseidon - instrumental.
Peace - instrumental.
Burn - instrumental.
Romance - live instrumental.
Hall of the Mountain King - cover of 1876 orchestral piece by Edvard Grieg.
One - instrumental Metallica cover.
The Unforgiven - instrumental Metallica cover.
Nothing Else Matters - unofficial "mix" of an instrumental Metallica cover and James Hetfield's vocals.

Here's a Disturbed cover of a Simon and Garfunkle song. I like that they stayed true to the original, but added their own vengeful passion to it.

Sound of Silence