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This is Roscoe and Jacky.

We adopted them from the Maryland SPCA on December 26, 2016.



Their names were either given to them by their prior owners, or by the shelter, but we decided to keep them to avoid any confusion for the dogs.

We know very little of their pasts prior to the adoption. They were a bonded pair, so the SPCA would not split them up. We were the first people that showed up ready to take them both. It's very evident how close the two are.

They're suspected to be siblings, but each shows hints of different breeds, which is common in mutt litters. They both seem to have some labrador retriever and/or flat coated retriever in them. In addition, Jacky appears to have several rottweiler traits, and has a stubby tail. We don't know if this is part of her breeding, or if it was cut off at some point. Roscoe has long hair, and Jacky's is short.

We don't know their exact age, but based upon the veterinarian estimates we're giving them a birthday of December 12th 2012, for future reference.

On their own beds

Trying to share one bed

They don't seem to depend on each other quite so much now that they're settled in and feel at home, but Roscoe is still very protective of Jacky, and will go on the offensive if she seems threatened. Apparently, the bathtub is considered a threat, but they're getting better with it. We thought he was going to attack Daddy the first time he tried to put Jacky in the tub.

Always close

More snuggling

Most of the time when Daddy's cooking, Roscoe crashes in front of the stove, and Jacky lays in front of the refrigerator. Sometimes, though, Jacky will hang out with Mommy in the dining room or living room instead.

Roscoe "helping" bake cookies

Wake me up when the cookies are done

They don't give kisses at all, and won't even lick you if you have food on you. They won't steal food, but do beg from time to time.

Can we have some of your pizza?

Give us food now

For some reason, Roscoe lays down to eat. We're not sure if that's just how he likes to eat, or if we should get him an elevated platform for his food and water bowls. From time to time, Roscoe will sleep on his back. He must be having happy dreams when he does so, because he also wags his tail at the same time.

Roscoe eating while lying down

Roscoe sleeping on his back

They both really like to go for rides in the car, and trying to get out the door for work every day can be an obstacle course. They don't try to run out the door with Daddy, but do make sure that he's aware that they're around in case he suddenly decides that they can go along. It won't happen, because having them in the car for 4 to 12 hours each day is not a good idea, no matter the weather.

Blocking the door from Daddy's office so he can't go to work

Roscoe is the dominant one in the house, but Jacky takes charge once they're in the yard. No bird, rodent, or passer-by is immune to being chased or barked at. She even chases Roscoe around the yard. Luckily they're good about staying in the yard, even with the gate open, and while they may put their front legs up on top of the fence to bark at anyone that comes too close to the yard, they haven't tried to jump over it yet.

They both have the uncanny ability to know when the other is receiving any kind of affection. The other one could be at the opposite end of the house, out of line of sight, and sound asleep. But, if you lay one finger on the other one, they will wake up and come running to get their fair share.