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Living Room: Progress

The living room after we painted and put up our curtains. The walls were painted with three coats of salute red HGTV Home Infinity by Sherwin Williams in satin. They were still not fully covered, and were too shiny, so we added two coats of HGTV Home Ovation by Sherwin Williams in eggshell in the same color. The paint was supposed to provide one coat coverage. This wall was initially complete as shown below. However, we removed the bookcases, entertainment center, and CD/DVD racks, and installed a built in bookcase that covers that entire wall from floor to ceiling. The pictures of that project are below.

Living room after paint. Living room after paint.

Here's the new rug we bought for under the coffee table. For all the the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers out there, I know it doesn't look like The Dude's rug, but it really ties the room together.

New living room rug.

This is the base frame for the new built in bookcase. It's made from 2x4s and is levelled and secured to the wall. The furniture that's sitting in front of the frame is the old television stand. I left it in place while working to avoid interuption of our entertainment.

Bookcase base frame. Bookcase base frame.

The base frame was enclosed using 3/4-inch plywood.

Bookcase base frame enclosed. Bookcase base frame enclosed.

The cabinets were installed and secured to the base, and to each other. These were pre-built, unfinished kitchen wall cabinets. The center is 36 inches wide, flanked on each side by two 18-inch cabinets, with a 15-inch cabinet on each end. The entertainment electronics have been moved off the old television stand so it could be moved out of the way. The back was cut out of the center cabinet to comply with electrical code (all electrical junction boxes must be easily accessible). The center cabinet is also set out 4 inches from the wall. A false back panel was later made from 3/16-inch plywood, and installed so the cabinet could be used for storage. The shelves hold it loosely in place.

Cabinets installed. Cabinets installed.

The center shelf section was built and secured to the center cabinet. All shelf components were built from high-grade 3/4-inch plywood. The entertainment electronics were installed, and the wires organized and bundled to avoid future tangles. In the second picture, the center cabinet doors and all interior shelves were installed. All externally visible wood was coated in two to five coats of golden pecan stain, and protected with three to five coats of polyurethane, prior to assembly and installation.

Center shelves installed. Center doors and cabinet shelves installed.

The left shelf section was built and secured to the cabinets, and to the center shelves. The second picture shows the cabinet doors installed.

Left shelves installed. Left cabinet doors installed.

The right shelf section was built and secured to the cabinets, and to the center shelves, and the cabinet doors were installed. The second picture shows the pilasters that were inset into the shelf unit uprights. The shelves are all adjustable in 1/2-inch increments.

Right shelves and cabinet doors installed. Adjustable shelf pilasters.

The crown moulding was installed in front of a 1/2-inch spacer board. The second picture shows the detail of the moulding.

Crown moulding installed. Crown moulding detail.

The vertical trim was installed on the fronts of the shelf uprights to hide the plywood edge. The second picture shows the pattern that was stamped into the trim.

Vertical trim installed. Vertical trim detail.

The horizontal trim was installed on the fronts of all the shelves, and along the tops of the cabinets, to hide the plywood edge. The shelves have been adjusted, and filled. The second picture shows the pattern that was stamped into the trim.

Horizontal trim installed. Horizontal trim detail.

These pictures show how the trim was installed along the top edge of the cabinets.

Cabinet top trim installed. Cabinet top trim installed.

The base boards have been installed, and the right side wall base board has been cut to fit the new space and reinstalled.

Base boards installed. Base boards installed.

The first picture shows how the base boards fit under the cabinet doors, and the second pictures shows how the center section projects out four inches.

Base board fit. Center section protrusion.