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Laundry / Office: Progress

This was where we stored our kichen items until the kitchen remodel was complete. We bought four of these 5-shelf, 250 pound per shelf capacity storage units. After the kitchen remodel, these units were moved to the garage.

Shelves to hold kitchen items during renovation.

This is one of the first kitchen pantries, installed in the corner next to the washing machine.

Pantry installed in corner.

The old dryer was in need of some minor repairs, but since it was so old, we decided to get a new one.

Old dryer New dryer.

We cut out a large section of drywall to ease relocation of the electrical outlets. The red arrow shows how we relocated the 220 volt outlet for the dryer, and the green arrow shows the movement of the 110 volt outlet. The hole to the right of the 110 outlet is where we planned to install it, but there was an iron conduit preventing installation at that location. The picture on the right shows the new drywall installed. This was taken after the first coat of joint compound was applied, but before it was sanded. The baseboard was cut out to accomodate the second pantry.

Electrical outlets relocated. Dryall patched.

Wall repair complete, and second pantry installed. We didn't paint the new drywall, because the entire room will eventually be repainted.

Second pantry installed.

The old bookcases from the living room have been moved into this room for office use.

Second pantry installed.

The walls have been painted Potter's Shed green.

Old dryer New dryer.