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Kitchen: Section 4

This is section 4 before work started. The wall cabinet was also only 24" tall and 30" above the counter, just like the ones in section 3.

Kitchen before work.

On 5/1/2017 we started pulling out the base cabinets. These pictures show the gas pipe that supplies the stove, how it was routed through the base cabinets, and how the end cabinet was chopped up to fit around it.

Gas pipe run through old cabinets. End cabinet chopped up to fit around gas pipe.

We also ripped out the back splash behind those cabinets, explosing a big hole in the wall next to the window. It just had rigid blue foam board insulation cut up and shoved into it.

Back splash removed, exposing hole next to window.

On 5/2/2017 we replaced the foam board with expanding spray foam insulation. On 5/3/2017 we plastered over enough of the hole to install the new wall cabinets, and the electrical outlet was moved to the new location higher on the wall. We then installed the wall cabinets on 5/3/2017 and 5/4/2017.

Hole filled and wall cabinets installed.

The invasive gas pipe was rerouted down into the crawl space, and re-enters the kitchen behind the stove. Having the pipe in this corner didn't affect the cabinet installation, because the cabinet that went into this corner required a 7.5" gap between it and both walls.

Gas pipe rerouted.

On 6/25/2017 we removed the old sink base, and the old water and drain pipes. We also installed the new pipes in the new location, and installed the rest of the base cabinets. On 6/26/2017 the countertops were cut to size, we installed build-up blocks for drawer clearance, installed the matching end caps, and the backsplash was scribed and trimmed to fit the uneven walls. The long counter under the window was warped because of the way the store kept them, so it was weighted at the ends to flatten it out.

Remaining cabinets installed. Countertops almost ready to install.

On 7/1/2017 we glued and bolted the countertops together, cut the hole for the sink, installed the sink and faucet, made the plumbing connections, and tested everything for leaks. The dishwasher, which is detailed in Section 3, was merely set into place to check fit at this point. The picture on the right shows the completed plumbing and electrical work under the sink. The top electrical outlet is for the garbage disposal, and is controlled by the switch on the right. The bottom outlet is for the dishwasher, and is full time hot.

Countertops and sink installed. Plumbing and electrical completed.

On 7/29/2017 we installed the new faux copper backsplash, the new window frame, and the new curtains. This section is now complete.

Section 4 complete.