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Kitchen: Section 3

This is section 3 before work. The wall cabinets were only 24" tall, and were about 30" above the counter. Sections 3 and 4 show the extent of the cabinets that were in place before the project started. There's no way we could ever fit our stuff into that small space.

Kitchen before work.

On 4/21/2017 we tore down the wall cabinets above the stove. We were trying to salvage them for future use in the garage, but the removal proved more difficult than anticipated, and they were severely damaged. On the same day, we ripped out enough of the old back splash to make room for the new cabinets. This revealed the original exhaust fan, which had been sealed and tiled over. We'll be installing a new back splash over the top of it, but will need to build up the portion of wall that surrounds it first, because it sticks out from the wall 3/4".

Old wall cabinets above stove removed. Portion of old back splash removed the make room for new cabinets.

On 4/22/2017 and 4/23/2017 we installed the new cabinets above the stove. From left to right these are a 9" wide x 36" tall cabinet, a 30" wide x 24" high bridge unit, and a 21" wide x 36" tall cabinet. These fit perfectly between the side wall and the window trim.

New wall cabinets above stove installed.

On 4/26/2017 we removed the portion of the faux wall behind the stove, installed new flooring in the corner, and set the new 9" wide base cabinet in place. At this point it had not been leveled or secured. The paneling that was installed as a faux wall will eventually be reutilized to build out the area around the old exhaust fan, before we install the new range hood and back splash. The furring strips to either side of the fan were left in place and were used to build out that area.

Base cabinet set in corner.

On 5/2/2017 we re-installed a piece of the paneling to build out the wall to the same thickness as the old exhaust fan. It was notched and folded into a slight arc so that the new back splash could be installed smoothly over it without interruption. Spray foam insulation, which was later trimmed even with the surface, was used to fill the air gaps around the fan.

Old fan has been built out and insulated.

From 5/17/2017 to 5/19/2017 we filled in the gaps in the build out around the old exhaust fan, and blended it into the surrounding wall. Once that was done, we installed the 9" base cabinet and counter next to the stove, and included a side splash.

Old fan has been built out and insulated.

The new gas stove arrived on 6/3/2017, and we installed it on 6/4/2017. It has 5 cooktop burners and a 5.1 cubic foot oven.

New stove installed. New stove installed.

On 6/6/2017 we received and installed the new range hood. It has a variable speed fan on a dimmer switch, and the light has two brightness settings.

New range hood installed. New range hood installed.

On 7/2/2017 we installed the new dedicated 20 amp AFCI and GFCI protected electrical circuit for the dishwasher and garbage disposal. We also secured the countertops to the cabinets, installed the dishwasher, secured the dishwasher to the countertop, and completed all of the dishwasher connections. The dishwasher was run to check for leaks and proper operation.

Countertops and dishwasher installed.

On 7/29/2017 we installed the new faux copper backsplash. This section is now complete.

Section 3 complete.