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Kitchen: Section 2

Here is section 2 before work started.

Kitchen before work.

The refrigerator was moved to section 1 under the bulkhead. The base boards were removed, and the wall stud locations and cabinet placements were marked on the walls. At this point, the floor was more than 50% complete.

Corner prepped for cabinets.

The new kitchen cabinets were delivered on 4/10/2017, and by sundown we had the wall cabinets installed in this corner. These consist of a 24" by 24" diagonal face corner cabinet, with a 27" wide cabinet on each side. We went with 36" tall wall cabinets, rather than the standard 30". We considered getting the 42" tall wall cabinets, but the kitchen ceiling is 1.5" too low, and we wanted to install them 54" from the floor to keep an 18" space from counter to cabinet.

Wall cabinets installed in corner. Wall cabinets installed in corner.

On 4/11/2017 we installed the base cabinets for that corner. These are a 36" by 36" lazy Susan corner cabinet, flanked on each side by a 15" cabinet.

Base cabinets installed in corner. Base cabinets installed in corner.

On 4/29/2017 we cut the counter tops for the corner to size, and set them in place to check fit. On 4/30/2017 we installed build-up blocks to allow more clearance for the drawers, installed the matching counter end caps, scribed and trimmed the back splash to fit the uneven walls, glued and bolted the miter joint, and finished the counter installation. We also installed the toe kicks on the base cabinets, and the edge trim on the wall cabinets. The only thing left to do at that point was to install the edge trim on the base cabinets.

Counters cut and checked for fit. Counter installation complete.

This is section 2 with everything done except the backsplash.

Section 2 nearly done.

On 08/07/2017 we installed the backsplash.

Section 2 with backsplash.

On 06/08/2020 we installed a custom spice rack that we built.

Custom spice rack.

This is section 2 completed.

Section 2 completed.