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Kitchen: Section 1

Here is section 1 before work started. This is part of what we had to resort to for temporary storage space. The rest of our kitchen stuff was on four storage shelving units in the laundry room.

Section 1 before work.

The picture on the left is the original floor, and the picture on the right is the bulkhead that takes up a big chunk of space on the wall opposite the cabinets. We couldn't move it because it contains the feed and return ducts for the HVAC system, and the gas line that supplies the furnace and hot water heater. It contains flourescent light tubes on each side, above a chromed plastic dropped ceiling light grid.

Original kitchen floor. HVAC bulkhead.

We moved the refrigerator under the bulkead in an effort to use the space most effectively. At this point, we'd also completed about 25% of the new floor installation, and installed two new 18" wide by 84" tall pantries side by side. After we installed these pantries, the manufacturer discontinued the product line, so we could no longer get the matching cabinets. We ordered all new cabinets, including new pantries, and these old pantries were moved into the laundry room. We installed one on each side of the washer and dryer.

Refrigerator moved under bulkhead. Pantries installed.

The refrigerator that came with the house died, so we decided to buy a new one, rather than repair it. We were going to replace it eventually anyway. The picture on the right shows it with the bulkhead light turned on. It makes a very effective night light.

New refrigerator. New refrigerator with bulkhead light turned on.

On 4/13/2017 and 4/14/2017 we installed the new 90" tall pantries. We still needed to install the toe kick and edge trim to complete this section of the kitchen.

New 90" tall pantries installed. New 90" tall pantries installed.

On 7/24/2017 we finished installing the trim around the pantries, and this section is complete.

Section 1 complete.